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Release Date July 10 2024 Excited to announce the latest addition to the legendary Supra line: the Supra GT! This...

Release Date July 10 2024

Excited to announce the latest addition to the legendary Supra line: the Supra GT! This high-performance bowling ball is built to dominate dry lanes. It combines impressive speed and precision for unmatched performance.

Engineered for Domination

The Supra GT takes everything you loved about the Supra Rally and pushes it further. It's meticulously crafted to deliver superior traction and blazing-fast speed you won't find anywhere else.

The sleek, dynamic coverstock of the Supra GT isn't just beautiful, it's a marvel of engineering. Think of it like high-tech racing slicks for your bowling ball. It glides effortlessly down the lane but explodes with power when it hits the dry zone, giving you unmatched cornering ability. Compared to the Supra Rally, the Supra GT's coverstock provides a significant boost in traction and cornering speed.

Finished to a mirror-like 5500 grit LSP, the Supra GT is meticulously honed for optimal length and angularity. This ensures maximum performance on even the most challenging lanes.

Unleash the Power Within... Under the hood (or should we say coverstock?) of the Supra GT lies the revolutionary Quadfire V2 core. This strategically designed core boasts a high RG (2.55) and a moderate Differential (.040), creating the perfect balance of power and control. Plus, the Quadfire V2 core features a consistent .040 Differential throughout, ensuring exceptional performance across a wide range of oil patterns.

Who should choose the Supra GT?

Speed demons:  This ball is a high-performance pearl ideal for high-friction oil patterns and lane surfaces. If you crave pure speed, the Supra GT is your perfect match.

Balanced players: Seeking maximum angle on medium-dry to dry lanes?  The Supra GT is designed for bowlers who need a ball to create powerful angles during long tournaments or late league sessions.

Rev masters:  Do you have a high rev rate or exceptionally low ball speed?  The Supra GT is engineered to help you generate exceptional angles on medium-dry to dry lanes.

Ready to experience the Supra GT difference?  This innovative ball is perfect for bowlers of all skill levels seeking to dominate the lane. Talk to your local pro shop to see if the Supra GT is the right fit for your game!

With its unmatched combination of length, angularity, and raw speed, the Supra GT is ready to take your game to the next level. Get ready to dominate the lanes!

    Motiv Supra GT Statistics

    Colour Black Grey Green Orange
    Coverstock Propulsion XRT Pearl
    Weights 12-16lbs
    Best Lane Condition Light Oil
    Finish 5500 Grit LSP
    RG 15# RG: 2.57, Max Diff: .040

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