Street Fight

  • Ha-do-ken the pins into next week with Storm's new Street Fight ten pin bowling ball. Higher energy transfer through the pins via an increased coefficient of restitution is what you can expect from a ball with a weight block such as the Iron Cross. Storm have pushed the limits of weight block technology in the Street Fight, so evolving the coverstock technology was vital as well. R4S Pearl Reactive has never been seen on any other ball in the market. The largest weight block in its class, the Iron Cross has the highest RG of any Storm ball. In fact, it has 10% more mass than the ever popular Hy-Road. The mission was to create something that retains as much axis rotation as it could, while retaining overall flare potential. It delays its own roll, just when you need it to.
  • Note we don't drill or pre-drlil balls. .

  • Colour Purple / White
    Coverstock R4S™ Pearl Reactive
    Core Iron Cross™
    Factory Finish 3000-grit Sheen
    Available Weights 13-16lbs
    Best Suited Lane Condition Medium Oil
    RG / Differential #15 RG (2.62) Diff (.043)
    Flare Potential 3” - 5” (Med/High)

Vendor: Storm

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