Mirka Abralon Sanding Pads 360 grit

Abralon Pads for Sanding - 360

Constructed with a fabric face, foam center, and a grip backing, the abrasive grains are bonded evenly to the fabric face. Openings in the fabric allow polish and air to flow freely around the abrasive.

They abralon pads especially well when sanding contoured surfaces such as bowling balls. Their open cell design holds large amounts of liquid for polishing. the foam center also provides for even surface pressure that helps eliminate uneven marks when hand sanding.

Abralon Sanding Pads are fast becoming an industry standard in bowling for surface management and ball motion manipulation.

Price shown is for 1 pad and there are 6 pads available:

  • 180 for the deepest scratches
  • 360 for deep scratches
  • 500 for medium scratches
  • 1000 to return to average factory sanded finish
  • 2000 for a mild luster with texture underneath
  • 4000 for a high luster with smooth texture
  • Resists “caking”
  • Last 5+ times longer than sandpaper
  • Works well with on ball resurfacing machines too.
  • Strong degreasing and fast drying formula
  • Non abrasive
  • Revives natural tack of ball surface for optimum lane gripping reaction
  • Maintains ball surface needed for consistent shots





Vendor: Mirka

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