Dexter T.H.E 9 SST Bowling Shoe


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Brand : Dexter

Introducing Dexter's latest and greatest SST tenpin bowling shoe - the Dexter T.H.E SST 9. Standing for Toehold Hyper-flex Engineering,...

Introducing Dexter's latest and greatest SST tenpin bowling shoe - the Dexter T.H.E SST 9. Standing for Toehold Hyper-flex Engineering, Dexter claim that THE 9 gives you a versatility, durability and performance unlike any other tenpin bowling shoe produced.

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"toe Dragging" bowling style - if you "drag your toe", this shoe is not appropriate due to the material used on the front of the shoe which is known to and will wear. This is a known problem. (added 12/6/16)


The shoe has a special, patent-pending, interlocking toe hold clip system to keep the soles in place. Highly abrasion-resistant toe material on the interchangeable sole prevents peel-back and helps to prolong wear.

They soles have 'hyperflex hinges' to ensure proper alignment during sole attachment. Hyperflex channels in the shoe sole allow it to flex and stretch at both points, minimising cracking and increasing flexibility and comfort.

In addition to these, Dexter's T.H.E 9 Bowling Shoe boasts:

  • Symmetrical outsole system - patented interchangeable design fits soles on the left and right shoes with no trimming
  • Raised heels design - lifts middle of the sole off the floor to reduce sagging
  • Universal heel system - designed to fit existing interchangeable Dexter replacement heels.
  • The softest leather - providing extraordinary comfort and greater flexibility
  • Secure fit last - streamlined with a shorter toe for a closer fit and more control
  • Notched thumb grip - for easy removal of interchangeable soles and heels.


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