Dexter Traction Sole Replacements

T5 Traction Sole Replacement
  • Dexter's T5 Traction Sole provides very little slip resistance.
  • Dexter designed the T5 specifically for the "Shuffler", or a bowler that has had problems with their traction foot sticking.
  • Use the new T5 sole and make those problems a distant memory!
T4 Traction Sole Replacement
  • Crepe texture design for less slip resistance (less traction)
T3 Traction Sole Replacement
  • Dexter's T3 Traction Sole stays remarkably consistent with the traction that Dexter shoes have given bowlers for years.
  • The T3 is a newly designed tread sole that provides traditional performance that has become synonymous with Dexter.
  • This sole is made for the SST 8 style only.
T2 Maximum Traction Sole Replacement

Vendor: Dexter

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