Thank You - Customised Bowling Shirts

Thanks for submitting your query. Just a bit of further info here...

Most shirts can be turned around in 7 days, but we do need quick responses to our emails.


Express Delivery:
If you need your shirt faster than 7 days, it is possible, but there is an extra charge - this is due to having to use express post services, and for us to drive to our printers to drop off/pick up more than once per week. Note, neither of these are free so please bear this in mind when we quote extra costs which we have to pass on.


The sizes shown on our site are as measured.
You should choose a shirt with 3-5 inches spare on the chest measurement. I.e. if you are a 40" chest, you need a 43"+ shirt.
The chest size is also the same as the waist, so make sure you have room to spare.

- Of note:
Once the shirts are customised, we can not refund it as it is non-resellable, hence, please double check measurements.


Unless you have express permission from the copyright holder, we can not duplicate company logos or emblems, we can not take the risk to do this and will have to politely refuse.



As standard, we embroider above the pocket and on arms/collars. As standard, we print on the reverse. This is because large areas of embroidery tend to crumple after a few washes. It's also because large areas of embroidery are expensive to create and cost-prohibitive in most cases.




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