Bowling Balls

'Spare' Ball or also for beginners
Polyester Bowling Balls
More experienced bowlers
Reactive Bowling Balls

Polyester bowling balls are ideal for beginners who want a custom grip & are also handy for more experienced bowlers wanting a ball for shooting spares.Includes the Columbia 300, Pro Bowl & Ebonite Maxim ranges in a number of different colours.

Reactive Bowling Balls - are mainly for more experienced bowlers. Designed to react/hook, these balls always strike the right note but need some getting used to and care. Balls available from Ebonite, Storm, Legends, Track, Hammer and more!

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 Whilst we can't create pages for every ball available to us, view our Full Bowling Ball List for everything our stockists have.

We're here to help you select your next reactive or polyester bowling ball. For beginners, we recommend a polyester bowling ball, which is generally a ball that will travel straight down the lane and is drilled to fit your fingers down to the second knuckle.

If you're a more regular bowler, and usually bowl in an alley with light oil conditions, then urethane balls are a good choice, you can find these in the reactive bowling ball section. Bowlers looking for a bigger reaction on for bowling balls for heavy oiled lanes should look at some of our top-end reactive balls - these definitely aren't for beginners though!

Free UK delivery on all tenpin bowling balls

All UK bowling ball orders are delivered free, and international postage costs are kept to a minimum. If the ball delivery is urgent however, there is an extra charge. Hopefully our table above will help you select your new bowling ball, if not, please contact us.